Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Going For Bolder Lips!

I know it seems strange but one of my resolutions, for the rest of this year and the next, is to have the confidence to wear bold lipsticks. I am generally quite a reserved person and, like many, I care way too much about what everyone else think of me-which just eats away at my confidence! And so one of the ways I thought I could make it fun to turn this around is by wearing bold coloured lips, without worrying that people think 'i'm trying too hard' or that 'i'm trying to look older'. I know it sounds silly but i love makeup and what better way to fix a problem than with something you enjoy?

TopShop  have brought out a range of beautiful lipsticks; I've especially been loving Armour. I definitely think it looks better with some lip liner beneath -I use Rimmel 047 Cappuccino-but the actual colour is really lovely. I've also been using Rimmel 01 Lasting Finish by Kate Moss which is super pretty and Berry Blush tinted lip balm-which is really pigmented-from their Keep Calm collection. I can always count on Rimmel for a great lip product!