Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Colour Purple by Alice Walker

In a tragic sort of way, this book is simply a beautiful read. Written in Celie and Nettie's perspective through the letters they write to God and then to each other, like many books written in first person, I started to feel a bond with the main characters-especially Celie. As Celie begins to find herself and realise she can use her sewing skills to find some success, I found myself feeling proud and in awe (I admit I was teary-eyed for most of it).
 Reading about the hardships black women had to face in a racist and patriarchal society is truly shocking yet what I found most intriguing and inspiring was the character, Shug Avery who completely challenged the unspoken rules in the society she lived in. My favourite quote from Celie to her husband that treats her as if she is worthless is 'Until you do right by me, everything you touch will crumble. Everything you even dream about will fail'. I think the main reason I love this quote is that we can really see she is starting to value her life even if she has been through incredibly awful things.

Being one of my favourite books, I would have to give it a 5/5. It's thought provoking, triggers various emotions and has a beautiful underlying message.

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